certificate of property law and conveyancing

Course Overview

If you want to embark upon a new career in conveyancing, the Certificate of Property Law and Conveyancing is an introductory program that will provide you with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to move into entry level conveyancing roles. Written in plain English, this online conveyancing course provides many diagrams, documents and examples designed to teach you basic skills in this important area of law.  The Certificate of Property Law and Conveyancing will provide skills in the field of land contract law as might be relevant to a person working in a legal office, Government office, conveyancing department or office or other allied area.

The Certificate of Property Law and Conveyancing introduces students to how the law of contract is applied to contracts for the sale of land, the searches that need to be done, how to calculate a settlement worksheet, how stamp duty applies to a transfer document, and what forms have to be lodged to have a new owner with a new bank mortgage on the land. At the completion of the course, you will have acquired an understanding of the law relating to the sale of land in Australia and that you will have an overview of a conveyancing transaction from initial instructions to settlement.

This online course is a great way to update your CV and improve your chances of securing either an entry level role as a law clerk or paralegal. While not specific to any state or territory, this course gives an overview of the theories, methods and doctrines that are relevant and applicable to all states.

Course Topics

  • Sale of Land Contract
  • Finance clauses
  • Pest & Building clauses
  • Time is of the Essence doctrine
  • Torrens title system
  • Old title system
  • Survey plans
  • Rates Search
  • Titles Search
  • Other Searches
  • Settlement worksheet
  • Adjustments re: taxes & rates
  • Stamp duties issues
  • The title deed
  • Transfer form
  • Land data form
  • Release of mortgage
  • Encumbrances & charges
  • The solicitors bill to buyer
  • Easements over land
  • Covenants over land
  • Vendors Statement (Vic)
  • Doctrine of Caveat Emptor

Course Format and Duration

This course is delivered completely ONLINE via our elearning system. The course is available for you to complete at your own pace. Approximately 25 hours.

Elearning Access

12 months’ eLearning access, with free extensions available.


Written assignments and exercises.